Christmas Day After Deals

Shopping the day after a holiday can yield some incredible savings. What stores in your area put all of their holiday items on sale the next day? Most sales will last through New Years Eve as stores make room for spring inventory.  I went out shopping this morning as soon as the stores were open to see what I could score for as little as possible.

Here are some things to look for:

*Items you know you will use on the next holiday. Purchase and set aside rather than pay full price in 11 months. Themed paper plates and decorations, wrapping paper, boxes and bows, household decor, lights, gift bags and cards. I like to add to my Christmas lights a little bit each year.  

*Materials you can use year round. Do the colors match any part of your home? Always look for wrapping paper the day after Christmas that isn’t Christmas specific that can be used for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I like to look for stickers and embellishments I can use in my scrapbooking and crafting projects.  It’s a great time to get coffee mugs and table linens.

*Clothing and Electronics.  Many stores have sales through New Years Eve and extra discounts on clearance items.  JCPenny, Kohls, Walmart, Macys, Best Buy and more!  Remember if you are going to shop online to use Ebates to get money back.  If you don’t have an Ebates account, it is free to sign up and you get a $10 gift card or cash bonus with your first purchase.  

Here is a sampling of the goodies I purchased while out and about this morning.

Target 50% off:

I was still pretty well stocked on Christmas paper, so I picked up this cute unicorn paper my niece will love, timeless polka dots, and who wouldn’t want a gift wrapped in pizza paper!  I price my paper against dollar tree, 9 yards for $1.  This is better quality and at 30 yards for $2.50 (after the 50% discount), it is a better price too.  The gift tags came in four styles to a box, two were Christmas themed and two could absolutely be used for any gift, like the triangles pictured above.

While at Target, I ran into a friend’s folks who were out getting deals on lights to start replacing ones they had had for 20+ years that were just starting to die.  I got these cute stakes made to look like branches for $12.50, net lights for $4, and this super luxe, fluffy tree skirt for $22.50.  I’ve been searching for the perfect skirt for a couple years, but haven’t exactly been dedicated to the task, so my tree skirt has been a bedsheet for the last few years.  I just can’t bring myself to pay full price!  I can’t outdo the Griswolds yet, but I get closer each year.

Roz & Ali:

Everything pictured here was on clearance and an additional 75% off the lowest price.  In total the four pairs of pants, one skirt, one jacket, one tank, and two long sleeve plaid shirts cost $82.  I basically don’t have to do laundry for a week now.

Home Depot 50% off:

Last year I got a doe in this same exact style that bobs her head to the ground as if she is nibbling on grass.  I was excited to score this buck to keep lookout while the lady snacks. 

Tell me where you are finding deals this season.