My Word is Intention

While I am not big on new years resolutions, I do like the feeling of new beginnings.  Like a new haircut, it feels fresh.  I have liked a lot of posts I have been seeing online that talk about rather than choosing a resolution such as, “I am going to fit back in to my wedding dress,” just choose a word.  One word to live by.  I thought about the last year.  My favorite moments, things I would like to change, and I noticed a common thread.  The best times I had were intentional.  The things I wished I had accomplished and didn’t, they seemed to just slip by with time.  My honey and I went on an incredible vacation to Jamaica.  We planned it for months, there was specific purpose there and it was rejuvenating.

I didn’t read or exercise as much as I would have liked last year.  I meant to, things just seemed to come up.  Would I have read more books if I hadn’t spent Saturday afternoon with SVU reruns playing in the background?  Would I have exercised more if I had packed a workout bag or at least laid out clothes on my bed so I saw them as soon as I got home from work?  I want to make my choices this year with more attention to the details.  I want less wasted opportunities to slip by.  My word is intention.  With that in mind I’ve set the following goals for myself this month.  I will print off my list, stick it to the fridge, and check in monthly with my progress.  Sharing my intentions here will help keep me accountable.

  1. Try four new things every month.  This could be a new restaurant, a new workout or walk, a new product, a new recipe, anything, four of them, every single month.
  2. Read one new book each month.  I used to read every night before I went to bed.  I’d like to spend my down time reading more and watching TV less.
  3. Replace 6 items in my home with a more natural, chemical-free option.  I already buy cleaning products that won’t harm my cats.  I could do better for the people in my life too.
  4. Run 5 miles without feeling like I’m going to die.  I would like to be able to jog for 5 miles while maintaining a conversation the whole time.  A few years ago I had surgery on my knee and have never gotten back in to it.  I actually don’t even like running, but I love how I feel when I’m done.  It’s like dishes.  If doing dishes also cleared your mind and helped you sleep.
  5. Create a tradition of charity in our home.  My honey and I have our individual moments of altruism, we would like to expand on that and include his child.  We want giving back to be a part of life and an act that unites our home.
  6. Use all my expired Groupons.  They are still worth the amount I paid.  And I have tons!  I’m going to get what I paid for out of them.  This also applies to gift cards or filled out punch cards that may be sitting in the bottom of my bag.  I’ll have to go through my wallet.
  7. Get out of town four times this year.  I always feel refreshed when I come home after having gone out of town for a wedding or to visit family.  I find a little break from the day to day re-centering. A weekend away, even to a town a couple hours away, can be had on the cheap.  And every city has something to offer and to see.  A crazy putt-putt course, a great restaurant, a sports game, a concert, a museum, anything is fun if you are with somebody fun.

What is something you want to do this year?  What is your word?